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Landscape view of the Colorado National Monument in Fruita, Colorado

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Hey Sunshine! Keep Your Chin Up, We’ll Be Waiting For You

Landmarks to Add To Your Next Trip Out Here

The sun is shining, and we’re all itching to get back to our favorite places. Although the travel and recreation restrictions feel frustrating, we’ve been taking solace in knowing our landmarks have been around forever, and they’re not going anywhere.

Colorado National Monument

Standing on the edge overlooking stunning formations, you’re probably wondering how this incredible view came to be. Like many features in the western U.S., erosion played a big part in the sandstone landscape we see today. Hiking below the monument rim, you’ll pass through layers of Precambrian metamorphic rock and admire steep cliffs resulting from giant sand dunes over a MILLION years old. We certainly appreciate how amazing features like this take time, and in this case, a LOT of it! Learn more about this geologic phenomenon!

McInnis Canyons, Rattlesnake Canyon, and Dinosaur Hill

Located in McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area run by BLM, you can explore paleontological features and areas to remind you of Fruita’s wilder past! Did you know that a Brontosaurus, a giant, plant-eating dinosaur, was found here in 1901? McInnis Canyons National Conservation Area is also home to Rattlesnake Canyon, a collection of nine natural stone arches (the second largest concentration of arches in the U.S., second only to Arches National Park). 

Colorado River

When you think about the forces of nature, the Colorado River is unrivaled. The river remains calm and serene as it winds its way by Fruita and the surrounding red cliffs. Once we can travel again, rafting is one of the best ways to explore this historic region. 

We’re laying low for now, but know that these historical and monumental destinations are waiting for you, as they always have been. 

"Leave No Trace" sign.

Leave No Trace Tips

Leave what you find, take only photos and memories. 1. Plan ahead and prepare. Know the type of terrain and possible weather conditions you might encounter. Minimize

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