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Four of our Favorite Fall Family-Friendly Fun Activities

Phew, that’s a mouthful. Let’s be honest, there are way more than four great activities to take advantage of in Fruita during the fall season, but just for the sake of a catchy title, we’ll limit ourselves to highlight just four of our favorite family-friendly activities. 

First up! 

1. Find a Fossil. 

Dig for prehistoric finds and wander through ancient valleys. Fruita is the perfect destination for the dinosaur lover in your family. Experience the Museum of Western Colorado’s Dinosaur Journey Exhibit, where you can learn about the history of dinosaurs in the region or even join a professionally conducted dinosaur excavation. Stretch your legs on a self guided walking tour of BLM’s Dinosaur Hill, a free, mile-long trek that features fossils and loads of awesome info for you and your family to learn. 

2. Coast down a smooth Mountain Bike Trail

Whether you’re newbies or expert-bikers, Fruita has the perfect trail system for your family! Get outfitted at a local rental shop like Colorado Backcountry Biker or Over the Edge and hit the trails. For first-timers or those with young kids, we recommend 18 Road Trails, specifically PBR or Kessel Run. If you’ve got older kids with a bit more biking experience, take on Rustler’s Loop or Mary’s Loop at the world-class BLM Kokopelli Trails

3. Float down the Colorado River

Soak up that last water adventure before snow falls by booking a rafting trip with Rimrock Adventures. A day on the river is hard to put into words, but there is something special about steering your adventure vessel together as a family. You can experience everything from raging rapids to a calmer float. It’ll be a day your family won’t forget! 

4. Fill your Tank

Simply, take in the desert environment, cool nights, and moments with the ones you love most. It’s okay to relax, that’s why you’re here! Fruita is the best place to try new activities, while also finding respite and making real memories. We think a vacation should be fun for the whole family, don’t you? Book your place to stay or plan your fall trip today!

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