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Four Reasons Fruita Should be Your Next Family Vacation

Your family deserves a safe destination that will welcome you with open arms with soooo many great activities when it comes to your next family vacation. And the cherry on top, your trip won’t break the bank. Here are four reasons your family should come play like a local in Fruita on your next vacation.

1. Fruita is for families – Fruita is a great place to make unforgettable memories with your family. Our community genuinely wants you and your family to visit and play like a local. Fruita is more than family-friendly; it’s meant for families. Fruita has a ton of places to play, explore, eat, and shop that your whole family will enjoy.  Check out our travel tips to start planning your Fruita family vacation.

2. We have activities for everyone in your family – Anyone can have fun in Fruita, no matter what you like to do! From seasoned adventurers to first-timers explorers, Fruita has excellent activities for all ages and abilities. From mountain biking and desert hikes to wakeboarding and floating on the Colorado River, Fruita is an outdoor paradise.  Your family can check out the local rodeo or Dinosaur Museum and have a nice family dinner at a locally owned restaurant in between outdoor adventures. Explore what there is to do in Fruita!

3. Affordability – Fruita offers a lot of bang for your buck! With so many great outdoor recreation options, you’ll be able to experience it all in Fruita. Our lodging options fit all needs and budgets. From affordable hotels, great campsites, and VRBO houses to fit your whole family, you’ll find the perfect place to stay in Fruita. Check out places to stay in Fruita.

4. Safety –The health and safety of your family are still a very real concern as you begin planning your family’s next vacation. Fruita has countless outdoor adventures and activities to help keep you socially distanced from others. Let’s be real. While Fruita is an outdoor paradise for adventure seekers, it’s not Disneyland. It is still mostly undiscovered, which means there will likely be smaller crowds than other destinations.  We ask that visitors travel safely and do their part Leave No Trace. Learn more about our travel recommendations.

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