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The Ultimate Fruita Bucket List

A new year is around the corner, and we could go into the standard “resolutions” that focus on things that aren’t all that exciting and just plain ol’ guilt trippin’. So instead – we’re focused on what we actually WANT to do. It’s our New Year Fruita Bucket List, and we recommend you ditch whatever cardboard you’re eating and start planning some adventures. 

First things first, we know not everyone is going to have the same bucket list. And that’s okay! That’s why we’ve packaged the best ideas all the way from families to the extreme adventurers out there.  

For the Extreme: 

We get it, adrenaline is your drink of choice! 

  1. Drop in Horsethief’s Bench, Kokopelli Trails managed by BLM. One of our world-renowned trails, and the ultimate Fruita mountain biking test piece, if you haven’t sent the thrilling drop of Horsethief Bench, this should be the year you try! 
  2. Bikepack the Kokopelli Trail from Fruita to Moab. Bikepacking’s rise in popularity is obvious when you’re out day after day on the 160-mile red mountain biking trail. 
  3. Climb Independence Monument, the 350-foot high feature in Colorado National Monument. This classic and original climb was established by John Otto, who used outdated yet adventurous techniques to reach the summit, which you can still see traces of today! 

For the Long-Distance Adventurer: 

If you’re more about the journey than the end goal, we’ve got some awesome bucket list items for you! 

  1. Colorado Backcountry Biker Hut-to-Hut Trips. If this hasn’t been on your bucket list for a few years now, it should be. These unique and world-famous treks provide an immersive and adventurous experience to anyone looking to ditch reality and just pedal, sleep and eat. Reservations are filling up quickly! 
  2. Book an overnight rafting trip with Rimrock Adventures! Is there anything better than spending a day on the water and a night on the beach beneath the stars? Enjoy a guided mix of rapids, a lazy river, and hiking. The memories will last much longer than the sand stuck in your shorts. 
  3. Road bike through Colorado National Monument. If you’re interested in trading in your fat tires for some slim ones, push yourself and get the ultimate reward. Flow through the 23-mile trek through Colorado National Monument’s awesome landscape.

For the Family: 

Because Fruita is fun for the whole family.

  1. Spend a long weekend at BLM’s 18 Road. We all want that family vacation where everyone has the freedom to do what they want. When you set up camp at 18 Road in the North Fruita Desert, your site becomes your base camp for biking, hiking, lounging, and actually enjoying your vacation!
  2. Kids gravitate towards water, so make the most of it! Take a lazy river float down the Colorado River with Rimrock Adventures, or tucker out the whole family at Imondi Wake Zone and adventure zone! 
  3. Spot wild rams in Colorado National Monument or attend a ranger program at the Saddlehorn Visitor Center. Exploring Colorado National Monument by car or foot gets your family immersed in this stunning landscape. 

For the Newbies: 

You don’t have to be extreme to have a blast!

  1. Mountain biking might seem scary at first, but once you try it, you’ll never want to stop! Rent a bike from Over the Edge or Colorado Backcountry Biker, and coast down some smooth trail on Kessel Run at 18 Road.
  2. Stand Up Paddleboarding is the best way to exercise, relax and enjoy the sunshine! Rent and roam on your board at Imondi Wake Zone
  3. After a few hours of adventure, you’re sure to need some tasty food. A Fruita bucket list staple has got to be a famous stromboli from Hot Tomato and a cold beer from Copper Club Brewing. Doesn’t that sound bucket list worthy? Trust us, it’s just that good. 

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