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The Digital Nomad’s Guide to Fruita

Fruita is the perfect place for a digital nomad, it offers gorgeous landscapes and a serene atmosphere that perfectly complements the nomadic lifestyle. Fruita allows for a balance between productivity and adventure! Let’s go over the best places to get your work done while enjoying your time. 

The perfect work environment 

One of the key elements that make Fruita a digital nomad’s paradise is its abundance of work-friendly spaces. Whether you prefer the bustling ambiance of coffee shops or the quiet focus of a library, Fruita has you covered. 

Mulberry Plaza stands out as a prime spot for work and relaxation, conveniently located near places like Suds Brothers Brewery, Hot Tomato Pizza, and Camilla’s Kaffe. When the weather is favorable, you can bask in the outdoor seating areas while staying connected to your work. On breaks, you can wander downtown! 

A woman in a hat sits at a table working on her computer with a golden retriever at her feet.

For those motivated by caffeine, Aspen Street Coffee, Bestslope Coffee Company, and Starbucks offer exceptional brews and a conducive environment for remote work. Another quiet place to work is the Public Library housed within the Fruita Community Center, which provides a tranquil space for deep dives into your projects. 

The outside of Bestslope Coffee.
The outside of Aspen Street Coffee.

Outdoor workspaces 

There are some amazing places to bask in the sun and listen to nature if you have a mobile hotspot available. You can set up your office in the great outdoors at locations like Civic Center Memorial Park, Circle Park, Little Salt Wash Park, James M. Robb State Park areas, or Snooks Bottom Open Space. This picturesque settings fuel productivity and offer moments of serenity and inspiration. Don’t forget your sunscreen! 

The gazebo at Circle Park surrounded by trees with leaves changing for the fall.
Orange wildflowers in a field.
Red, yellow, and green trees around the baseball field at Little Salt Wash Park.

Accommodations tailored to your needs 

Finding the perfect place to stay is essential for any digital nomad, and Fruita presents a wide range of options. Fruita’s Airbnb and VRBO offerings are sure to meet your expectations if you want a private residence.  Alternatively, Fruita’s hotels such as La Quinta, Comfort Inn, Super 8, and Balanced Rock Inn provide comfortable stays with amenities for remote work setups. 

Balancing Work and Play 

Beyond work commitments, Fruita has a ton of recreational opportunities to rejuvenate your mind and body. Explore the wide variety of trails for hiking and biking adventures, go for a refreshing swim or play a sport at the Fruita Community Center, delve into the prehistoric wonders at the Dinosaur Journey Museum, or check out the many local businesses

Fruita is a digital nomad’s dream destination—there is a great blend of work-friendly spaces, natural wonders, comfortable accommodations, and a vibrant local culture. Whether you’re seeking moments of peace for focused work or thrilling escapades amidst nature, Fruita invites you to embark on a journey where productivity meets adventure! 

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