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How to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions in Fruita

Fruita’s got what you need to live your best life!

You may feel unique in what you’d like to accomplish in the new year, but studies show that when it comes to our hopes and dreams, we all have a lot more in common than we think. Most of our goals boil down to living healthier, happier lives—which just happens to be something Fruita fosters in its residents and visitors.

Below are some of the most common resolutions and how to tackle them, Fruita style.

Get outside. There’s no doubt about it, spending time outdoors is good for your physical, emotional and mental health—which is why it’s at the tippy top of many resolution lists. Visit Fruita for year-round opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, including biking, hiking, running, climbing and more.

Practice mindfulness. The benefits of mindfulness go far beyond stress relief. Studies have linked mindfulness with improved performance at work and in sports, increased happiness and better relationships, among other benefits. But how do you tackle this lofty resolution in a frenetic world? Take a timeout at Thrive Yoga Fruita or, sign up for a Tai-Chi or yoga class at the Fruita Community Center.

Eat local. Not only is eating local better for the economy and the environment, but it can also be better for you. Local food is often fresher—meaning more nutrient dense—than food shipped or stored. And thanks to Fruita’s ridiculously good restaurants and thriving farmers’ market, it tastes better, too.

Spend more time with your family. Nobody’s last words were ever “I wish I worked more and spent less time with the people I love.” It might sound cliche, but it’s as true as ever in today’s world that children need quality time with their parents, and parents need more “fun” time with their children. Families come to Fruita to spend time exploring the Colorado National Monument, hiking or biking together, visiting the Dinosaur Journey Museum, rafting or horseback riding with RimRock adventures. The family-friendly options are endless.

Lose weight. Shedding some extra pounds remains one of the most popular resolutions of all time. Luckily for Fruita residents and visitors, this doesn’t have to mean spending 2019 on a treadmill. Challenge yourself to train for one of Fruita’s world-class running or biking events, like the Rimrock Run or 18 Hours of Fruita.

Bike something new. Mountain bikers from near and far come to Fruita to improve their skills and break personal records on our world-class trails—not to mention have the time of their life. Whether you’re new to the sport or an old pro, we’ve got a trail for you to challenge yourself, grow and learn.

Make new friends. It’s no wonder many Americans have this on their resolution list—the demands and stress of modern life can be overwhelming, and it’s often our social life that takes a hit. Fruita values community and culture, which is why we’ve got a long list of places and events that bring people together to enjoy live music, art and film, and to slow down long enough to get to know each other.

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