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Go Fruita - Play Like a Local


Upcoming Events in Fruita

Discover what’s happening in Fruita, CO. From weekly concerts in the summer, to racing events through the Colorado National Monument, or even the famous Mike the Headless Chicken Festival, you’ll want to plan your trip with these Fruita events.

Every Thursday Night from June 8 - August 10

There's Plenty of Ways to Explore Like A Local!

Care for Fruita, and it will care for you.

Fruita is home to some of the best outdoor adventure you’ll find, and we love that everyone who visits gets to feel like a local. It means a lot when our visitors act like they’re locals too. Being a local means being part of our community, recreating responsibly and taking care of our beautiful open spaces. Being a local means smiling and saying hi when passing on the trails and looking out for one another. See what it means to really play like a local. 

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