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    202 E. Aspen Ave. Fruita, CO, 81521 970.858.7220

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    150 South Park Square Fruita, Colorado 81521 800.878.3917 970.858.3

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    P.O. Box 672 Fruita, Colorado 970-858-9005

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Considered by many to offer some of the best mountain biking trails in Colorado,Fruita has the perfect combination of terrain to challenge riders of all skill levels and abilities. With steep climbs, tight switchbacks, intense downhills and technical challenges unmatched in Colorado, mountain biking trails in Fruita will provide thrills for every rider. If you're looking for a quick and relaxing mountain biking experience, take a spin on the 18 Road Trails and check out the breathtaking beauty of the Colorado landscape. Looking for more of a challenge? The Kokopelli trails are packed with trails suited for intermediate to expert riders, providing hours upon hours of mountain biking bliss. If mountain biking is your passion, plan your next trip to Fruita, Colorado and Get Out and Play!

18 Road Trails

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Kokopelli Area Trails

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Mountain Biking Rules

  1. Keep the trails clean!
  2. Stay on trails.
  3. Plan ahead and prepare for extreme weather hazards and emergencies.
  4. Let someone know where you are going and when you will return.
  5. Take plenty of water.
  6. Pack it in and pack it out – leave no trace.
  7. Respect wildlife – never spook animals.
  8. Be considerate of other visitors: bikers yield to hikers and downhill bikers yield to bikers coming up.
  9. Use appropriate safety equipment.

Road Biking

Fruita's small-town feel and absence of traffic jams provides the perfect home base for bicyclists. You can enjoy the freedom of the road, absorb the stunning scenery of the Western Slope, and explore terrain from flatlands to red-rock canyons to high mountain passes. Fruita offers uniquely open riding experiences, beginning anywhere you put your bike on the road. Or you can start at the roundabout in the center of town, where you can find ample free and safe parking for your car.

A favorite route of road bicyclists is over the Colorado National Monument. Beginning in Fruita, at the west end of this spectacular ride, this 46-mile ride offers challenging climbs, spectacular views of red-rock canyons, and a bird-eye view of the entire Grand Valley. The Fruita Farms/Highline Lake Loop carries you past lush agricultural fields and around the lake. And if you want to ride to Utah, just hop on the there-and-back old Hwy 6.

Riding and rippin at the center of the mountain bike universe!

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